Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Just a Bit of News

Hello you!

Yep, after all that hassle I didn't even bother with the blog! Though never fear, I am here now, so lets get going, yes?

Well, I set to work trying to take control of some of the hedging around the house, of which there is plenty. It gets cut on the top and on the field side, but as there's no room down the side of the house to get the tractor, it has to be done by Jennie Power!

Well, I was out there with loppers cutting at the blackthorn (nasty stuff), trying to avoid it coming down on my face (my face, my beautiful face!) and made room to show off some of the more delicate specimens, such as this pink thing (gardeners will be impressed with my naming, I'm sure):

I also found two new Oak trees in the making, so I'm going to cut around them and pop them behind the chicken fencing so they have something to lean against whilst they grow big and strong. To think, the Oaks I really admire are hundreds of years old, and I'm not going to get to see these in their prime. Quite sad really.

My pussy cat has made it into another year, it was touch-and-go. He was rushed into the kitty hospital at the end of November, operated on, and looked a very sad sight. The vet warned he might not make it through the operation, then when he did, he wasn't doing well and she seemed to think that was it for him.

But he's a little soldier, and pulled through. Though it was a worrying few months, but he got through a month of hospital food (better for cats than humans it seems!) and I picked myself up off the floor after seeing how much his bill was - Seriously, a second-hand car or the cat! Those vets know how to charge, and nope, before you ask, no insurance!

Anyway, here's my boy, all happy and off a-hunting for voles:

Any bit of sun and I've been out, not only doing the hedge (just the front to finish off, before starting again!), but also clearing the rubbish from the back (more on that when it's all done). Also, the bays are being planted up. The beans and peas were put in a few weeks back, these were the ones started in the tunnel. But I think they look rather lovely, all caned up - Before the storm pulled the canes down, and the slugs ate the beans!

That's the main news, that I can think of. I'm currently knitting a jumper which has been a nightmare. I'm starting to sew in the tails (grrr) and I'm hoping it will sew up alright, though I'm not expecting it to! I will be back to show it off if it's all good, believe me, it will be shown off!

Well, I'd best be off. I have work to do. I will be back, I actually will.

So take care, have fun, be good (ish)

Jennie xx

Monday, 4 May 2015

What A Numpty

Yes, it's me!
It really is!

I really cannot contain my excitement at being back, all proper like! I'll give you the quickest version of what happened:

Well, Blogger was playing up and wouldn't let me post properly. So I tried another blog, no luck. I thought all was lost and I'd just have to be a non-blogger once more.
However, I was on etsy and it was always telling me my browser was out of date... Wait for the penny to drop... Ooh, maybe if I update the browser I might get the blog to work.

Yes, for the sake of an out-of-date browser, I was without a blog! Numpty moment or what?!

So, this is me back for good - If you're hearing Take That right now, good on you!

Life has been it's usual unpredictable self since we last spoke. Though I'm still in my house (for now, it's still a waiting game!), my cat was very nearly a goner, but he's thankful pulled through and will now be on medication for life (a small price to pay). What else? Oh, my etsy shop was reopened to sell sewing patterns.

Gosh, I'm really stuck now, so much happens, yet remembering it seems a chore!
We had a lovely Easter, with cake!

Maybe, if I can't think of the past, I ought to tell you about my future plans?

A holiday coming up, only at home mind, I love having a holiday at home, exploring the delights within an hour or two of home and then being able to curl up at the end of the night in your own bed... Bliss.
I have a huge list of places to visit this year, but I fear a week won't cut it, so I think a whole week, plus many days dotted about throughout the year. Hopefully I'll be able to tempt into holidaying in Wales this year?

I'm really sorry, I'm so giddy about my blog working that I just don't know what to say... Maybe I should just leave it there and not say much more at all?

Alright, until next time (which will be when I remember half of what I want to say!)
I should be back soon though, a regular post just to make up for the missing ones.


Jennie xx

Friday, 13 December 2013

The Goose's Rear End And Twinkling Lights

Well hello you lovely little thing!

So my plan for a post last week fell through, I was far too busy and had to have my mind on work - But now it's playtime, want to come outside with me and jump in puddles?

But if you want to stay inside, all warm and dry, then fine. I'll stay here with a cat leaning against me and gazing at the tree lights.

Did I say tree lights? Why yes, I did! The tree went up thirteen days ago... Because we could, that's why!
Things are still up in the air, so we don't know if we can stay in the house. I was hoping it would be sorted by now, having that hanging over you at Christmas is no fun. We thought that last Christmas might be the last one if this house, but we're here for another, and hopefully many more. Some news on that front would be a present in itself. But never mind, not much I can do about that at the moment, so decorate, bake and be merry.

The 7 footer is back! I love this tree, I love not being able to reach the top without stepladders, which is why the angel is still in need of adjusting! Her arm was just left like that when she was popped up there... Oh dear, time to brave the dizzying height of the ladders! She's actually a really special angel as I think she was one of Mami's dolls which my Gran made a dress for, for their tree when Mami was a wee thing.

I love getting the house decorated, all those twinkling lights. Oh and being in the kitchen for something other than everyday dinners (I cook everyday, it gets a bit boring sometimes) - The home-made Irish cream, veggie sausage rolls, mince pies and the chocolate truffles, the one thing Ma makes! Oh, I should point out she makes most of the Christmas dinner too.

Speaking of food and decorating, my fridge is in on the act...

After getting out the festive DVDs and books, they needed somewhere to live - Step in corner sewing box/shelving unit!

I also enjoy a little chocolate with breakfast, oh and the cat likes his calender too! Mine's the Hello Kitty one, and Ma as the Peppa Pig one... Who is Peppa Pig?

Ah, go on, I'm going to just fill up on festive snaps now. Don't like it? Best go and make a cuppa, this is going to take a while!

I really love this swag over the Rayburn, Mama braved the ladders to do it - Mind, she's taller than me so it's as scarey for her!

A few weeks back Ma had picked up some cheap snowflake lights in a charity shop, they were all bundled up but she planned to pop them on the tree. After unwinding them at home we discovered they were those icicle lights. After mulling it over, they were put across the arch. However, they are above my head, yet most normal sized people smack their face on them... Oh, how I laugh!

Did you all watch Nigel Slater's 12 Tastes of Christmas? Tut, if you didn't! I love that man, he has a cat and he can cook... I really don't ask for much! Anyway, I happened to press the pause button (on the iPlayer) and this is the oh-so-awful moment I caught, so I had to take a snap. Nigel (yes, we're on first name terms) has his hand up a goose's rear end, but the look on his face has me in giggles... Maybe you need to see it to understand. The program is here:

I would've popped a link into the word "here", but would Blogger allow it? Oh no, why would they let me do something so obvious...Sorry, back to the goose...

Oh dear, I've just seen the time. It's almost time to feed the cat, then I have to go and sort out dog food and if I've time, pop into the charity shop - I've managed to pick up 4 presents in there so far, fingers crossed they'll have some more vintage decorations too!

Next time we'll maybe have a chat about that saucy book I read - I swear I didn't realise there would be so much graphic content when I started! But anyway, that's for another day!

Bye for now my lovelies

Jennie xx

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Spectator And The Slipper Slops


I know, it's been so long since last I spoke (thank Gawd you say). Well, I've found myself 40 minutes to spare and it's all yours!

First up, thank you for filling out that shoe survey I'd previously posted - Very helpful indeed. I forgot to photograph other shoes as the thank you, however, I did take some awful snaps of a pair close at hand. I'll give you the goss after this snap.

I fell in love at first sight with these lovelies. Oh go on then, you've talked me into it, here's another.

I'm not sure the laces are original though, or I've just never seen subtantial laces on vintage shoes? Anyways, the goss about the shoes? Well, I fell in love with them and duly bought them and fussed over them at home. Then I had to go out and left them, came back a few hours later and had another look, and discovered something delightful...

Yipee! A utility mark on the soles. When I'd first found them I thought they were late 1930s, but this has latened (if that's a word?) them a bit. At least I loved them before I discovered they're utility and didn't buy them just for that mark, like I have before. It's a bit like falling for a man, and then finding out he's a muti-millionaire... No, it hasn't happened for me yet either!

The shoes aren't the best of fits for me however, they're rather narrow, and my feet are rather average. Wouldn't these be great reproduced? I'd buy a pair, would you?

What else has happened... My afternoon camomile tea smiled at me.

I caused myself great injury laughing, seriously, you know when you laugh until your tummy aches? I carried on long after and was in agony all night - I don't have any photos of that though :)

I've been undertaking the November Vegan Challenge... Though I discovered just how little dairy is in my regular diet anyway, but in the past few days I've begun to really miss eggs, not in cakes or pancakes or anything so fancy, but boiled egg sandwich. I think Ma has really enjoyed me not eating eggs, she hates the smell of eggs cooking.
Ma was also on the challenge, though managed to slip up when she forgot that a potato & cheese pasty has cheese in it... And then again when she has her weekly cappuccino with her friends-wot-don't-lunch, and then with the slice of cheesecake she has whilst out shopping with her friend - I don't know how she does it!

I'm already fed up with Strictly, how has Mark been saved so many times? Especially when it was between him and Fiona! Grrr, it makes me so angry. I gave up watching a few years ago because I realised it must be fixed when I heard that Alesha Dixon was going to be a judge on the next series before she'd even won it. So I gave it up and decided to give it another chance this year.
Anyway for my tuppence I'd say Natalie will win it, she can do no wrong with the judges. If she doesn't win, I'll go a day without chocolate as punishment!

I got new slipper-slops - Not vintage at all, but so cosy!

Very unflattering to my calves this snap, but thankfully I'm a practical(ish) girl, I put comfort above looks at home.

I'll have to go soon, my back is aching. Being perched on a sofa with a laptop isn't comfy.

I was thinking of moving my blog. I'm constantly having problems with Blogger, it won't allow me to edit anymore and I'm just fed up that I can't dip in and out. Is WordPress any good? Would you follow me there? Do you love me enough?

If there are any spelling mistakes I can only apologise, I can't edit it!

I'm off to make dinner in a minute, then it'll be all done and I can have a sit down with a film. What's for dinner? Carrot, butternut squash and chickpea stew with cous-cous.

Ah, go on then, one more snap, then I've got to go. It's not a good snap, but I like how bad it is, and it has a shoe in it!

Anyways, bye for now. I'll be back shortly, and by shortly I mean within a week, not my usual 2-3 months!

Jennie x

Monday, 2 September 2013

Shoes Glorious Shoes

'Ello Biscuits,

Happy September! Back to school this week - Yipee!

So much has happened since the last post, but I won't bore you with all that. How would you like to see some nice shoes? Yes? Alright then, but I want a favour...

Could the ladies please fill out this survey? It's all about shoes, so don't worry :) The survey is here:

So, as a reward, here's some shoe porn... phoar!

Those were all utility models.

I should point out, these shoes aren't half as filthy as they look - I swear my shoes are kept clean and tidy... my camera just want to show me up!

So what do you think of the shoes I could find to photograph? There is a box full of shoes somewhere... How on Earth do you loose a box of shoes? Madness!

Anyway, if you could fill out the survey I would be most grateful to you, and might even show you some more shoes to thank you!

Thank you lovelies, I'll be back soon

Jennie xx

P.S. The survey closes on the 15th September at 23.45 (that quarter to twelve at night...)

Friday, 9 August 2013

Not More Tat! She Cried

Hullo Ducks!

Where has the time gone? I'm just going to tease you today, I've been busy since the end of July and seem set to continue in this manor until well into Autumn. Not that I'm complaining, I love what I'm doing and hope it can continue.

On the subject of busy, could I beg you a favour? Next week I'll be uploading (if I can work out how to do it!) a survey. It'll be interesting (ish) and I'll try and keep it short. Would you be able to fill it out for me? And if possible, pass it around you chums too.

T'other week, when t'sun was t'out (it's one of those days!) I had a very unusualy afternoon with Ma. We sat out in the yard and watched Wimbledon on a portable player - That being Wimbledon the film, not the actual tennis matches (I don't have a TV, so can't tune in, though I do use the ketchup (catch up) services). With strawberries and clotted cream and drinkies. It was a really hot day, so that might account for watching a film outside in the afternoon.

I also picked up a new pair of shoes, well two actually. I got these striped flats and another pair of the same style in a red paisley pattern. Not vintage, but perfect shoes for running errands, and they seem to go well with vintage outfits - Hurrah!

The skirt is fairly new too, from the charity shop in the kids section - Still the size of a 12 year old! It's actually a dress, I was going to cut off the top as it a red and white hooped jersey, but it's so easy to throw on in the sun... Well, the top is safe for now! Plue, it matches the shoes!

Anyway, enough of that for now. I had no plans for another post of finds, but here we are again!

A few weeks ago, or was it last week? Anyway, sometime in the past, Mama was given a cabinet from her friend. It was intended for my sewing room, so we hauled it upstairs. Fast forward 24 hours and Ma thinks it woul look good in the living room - Yes, I did grumble! So we got it downstairs and it's now living in the corner being well used. It's stuffed with records, and the modern record machine is up top. I put a handful of my books on the bottom shelf, just to fill it a bit. Wish I could tidy up all my books... Then again, I'm not a tidy person!

The same friend also gave me a bag of vintage buckles, very tasty little numbers. I don't have a snap of them, but I'll have to be back with one as I can't work out how one of them works! I should probably ask a 5 year old, they'd know!

Then at the flea I picked up quite a few things, again, I just didn't take snaps of most of it, though I do have one of this little hankie. It needs a iron, but I couldn't wait to get a snap for you. It will has the original price tag sewn on!

It's dated 1937, in case you couldn't read past the creases.
Yesterday I was in a new-to-me antiques shop and was faced with what must be well over 50 coronation/jubilee mugs! I managed to leave most of them, just one came home with me! This is an 1887 jubilee mug with Ickle Vicky:

And yes, that is the mother of all cracks. It also has a few old chips (not the potato variety!). But she was cheap, and I thought I'd give her a home as there are plenty of people who won't touch damaged tat, fussy bu.. people!

Also in the same lovely (it's really the best!) shop I saw this ring. I walked away, I came back. I said that if it came out of the cabinet for a look, I'd end up buying it and was about to walk when the lady called over and said that the cabinet was open if I wanted a look... Darn it! She didn't realise who was on the ring, which probably accounts for the price! It's also teeny tiny and only fits on my ickle finger. This is the best snap I could get:

Nice, huh?

Anyway, I think I'm done for now, but I'll be back to annoy you with survey if that's alright?

See you soon, and in the words of my dear Desmond, Bye for now

Jennie xx

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Haul

Hello Lovely People!

As promised, I'll show you my recent haul. This is from a boot sale and a few charity shops.

A month or so ago, I didn't find anything at the boot sale, until I came to the last stall, I kid you not!
This isn't a find in the realms of a diamond brooch for 10p, but still, I didn't have one, now I do!
It's a 1951 Festival of Britain guide.

Then fast forward a few weeks and once again, I'm not finding anything, then half way through this beauty catches my eye and the lady selling was lovely. She said she found it at the back of her Mother's wardrobe when she was clearing out. What is "it"? A 1953 Coronation moneybox of course!

Then, when Ma was rummaging through a box of jewellery looking for another watch (seriously, how many does she need?) I noticed this brooch. It unclips at the back to become two clips! It's a bit tatty, but isn't she lovely?

Then coming to the end, I met a woman who I think is a star, not only were her prices reasonable, she even accepted my a-little-bit-silly offer! I'd noticed some brownish pattern envelopes in amongst piles upon piles of 1970s sewing patterns. I dragged them all out and this was my find:

Whilst I was cooing over them, the lady said they'd belonged to a seamstress and some of her magazines were on the next table... I grabbed the patterns and made a dash for it. Yes, a pile of 1930s magazines! I left the childrens, out-size and ones I already had (I'm thinking of heading back, don't worry!). One of the magazines doesn't have a pattern, one was missing the pattern, but the rest have their patterns! Yipee!

This is my favourite, the 1937 Coronation issue, add it to the sewing pile!

Then out and about round the charities, it's been a poor year for decent finds, or at least, ones I can afford! Is it just me or are the prices going up? Ma did find Series one and two of Upstairs, Downstairs for me the other month though (costume love!) - Thank you Mama!
I did find this on me holiday though:

I've never seen one like this before, so I'm a happy bunny. On the back is "Llandyssul". I was paying for this when I spotted my next item. I looked at it but didn't have enough money on me. So I continued round town having a think, then got the money out and made for the shop in question - It was still there, and now it's mine!

Not in the best of conditions, but it's a 1937 Coronation compact - Happy Jennie! The inside is a bit tatty too:

Then, last week I had a wander into my favourite antiques shop to annoy the chap in there! He'll usually charges quite a bit, but sometimes I'll get a bargain. Anyways, this little stunner was under the counter:

I know it's got bits missing, but isn't it lovely?

Then on Saturday I was given this box of knives by the lady Brother Elder lives with, I think they belonged to her parents.

I'm not usually one for collecting cutlery, and I'm sure Ma is praying I don't start! But I wonder if the rest of the set is out there somewhere...
I'm in complete love with this box though, the packaging is wonderful, but each knife still has his little paper sleeping bag!

Anyway, that's me done for the day. Off to do some work then get the polka dot dress of doom out to work on! Then I'm going to treat myself to a read of the ghostly tales book I picked up the other day.
Happy Bargain Hunting!

Jennie xx